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Emotional Literacy for Vocational Education and Training

Emotional Literacy for Vocational Education and Training

23 May 2011

The City of Wolverhampton College received Leonardo Transfer of Innovation funding for the EL4VET project.

About the project

The project assists vocational teachers and trainers with student/pupil retention and achievement.  The EL4VET project demonstrates to teachers that adopting a more empathetic, understanding and personable approach will ultimately have a positive impact on their student's achievements.

Transfer of innovation

The project's main activity involves the transfer of materials to teachers and trainers in six other European countries: Portugal, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Poland and Malta.

There are six transfer workshops with two workshops having already taken place in Portugal and Cyprus:

It was the first time that I participated in Emotional Literacy training and as a teacher I feel in line with this way of thinking and actions. It was a pleasure to be a part of this group and I hope that this training is a starting point and not an end point.

Portuguese teacher

Upcoming workshops

  • 26-27 May, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 9-10 June, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 23-24 June, Valleta, Malta
  • 26-27 September, Lodz, Poland

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