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Projects Around the UK

Projects Around the UK

Project Name: EuroGIS-GPS

Ambios Ltd received 2011 Transfer of Innovation funding for their EuroGIS-GPS project. They have previously received Preparatory Visits, Partnerships and Mobility funding, all of which have aided their current project, by enhancing cultural and linguistic skills as well as aiding project outcomes.

A European standard for conservation management

Together they are working with five partner organisations from Hungary, Portugal, Norway, Poland and the UK in the field of nature/wildlife conservation management. They will look at creating a European standard competency framework around GPS (Global Positioning Systems), to locate wildlife, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems), for wildlife management purposes.

This framework, together with online and offline training materials, will be integrated into qualifications across the 5 partner countries. This complete training package will be delivered to Countryside Rangers and Volunteers enabling them to enhance their own learning while cascading this down to their co-workers. Not only will this provide them with a qualification that is recognised across Europe but it will also provide them with a set of skills that can be implemented immediately in their workplace.

Leading to a European VET qualification

By analysing the existing training programmes available the partners have been able to develop, adapt and test a European standard competency framework for GIS-GPS as well as accompanying materials to aid trainers in their delivery and learning resources to support learners during their qualification. Quality assurances procedures have also been developed to support QCF as well as ensuring the quality of the materials developed.

The learning materials have been translated into each partner language and there delivery will be tested in two phases involving two tests in each partner country. This testing will ensure that the delivery of course material is effective as well as aiding the mapping of the training against the UK National Occupational Standards which is a step towards a UK, or European, qualification.

The final stage of the project will encompass a European workshop held in Poland for trainers and trainees. This will allow the partners to undertake a final evaluation of all project outputs and outcomes, such as the competency framework and training materials, and enable them to look at a strategy that will sustain the impact of the project and lead to a European VET qualification in this subject area.

Looking to the future

The partnership are hoping to create a common European vocational qualification in GIS and GPS for monitoring biodiversity, this will be aided by the resources developed by the project, such as their training course. These resources are available for others interested in the subject area to utilise into their own curriculum and will help to disseminates, and sustain, the impact from the project.

Sharing expertise on a common theme and developing a shared training course has brought about many advantages for all those involved. Not only have cultural and linguistic skills been improved but new knowledge and best practice shared and established. The success of their working relationship will lead the partners to continue their work through future funded projects.

This has been a fantastic opportunity for me to engage with like-minded nature conservationists from other European countries and to share our thoughts and good practice. There is a real ‘group feeling’ amongst the partners that our GIS-GPS training materials will be of value to those trying to monitoring how biodiversity is responding to global climate change.

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Project Type: Transfer of Innovation

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Simon Roper
3 Little Gutton

Ambios Ltd

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Leonardo UK National Agency, Ecorys UK Ltd,
Vincent House, Quay Place, 92-93 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RA

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